“I’ve been everywhere, dog. I’ve been EV-RERY-WHERRRRE”

Just like that song by that guy they called Cash, this dog has been everywhere

on this Yuba Mundo.

….or just about.


“BUT WHY?”, you ask.

To support animal rescue and adoption agencies like SPCA and C.A.R.L.


This amazing dog’s name is Bixby. She is taking her human with her on this trip because she thinks he could use the exercise, I guess. The pair have traveled more than 8000 miles on their criss-cross country trip.


They have made the news everywhere they go, stopping for shade and

good company in between visits to animal shelters along their journey.

They are currently in Ventura for the next week, and if you would like to host them, you can do so if you visit….


(yes….her human is house broken)


or keep up with their adventures on Instagram


We enjoyed having them visit the shop, and wish them the best of luck on their journey.

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