The Core of What We Do

Yesterday; when I arrived at the Depot to spend my day, two guys were getting ready for a long day of adventure with two of our Stumpjumper FSR Elites. I had recently taken one of these bikes for a ride myself, so I knew they were in for a treat.

I got both bikes dialed to the riders wieghts and and shared some “tech info” on when the various suspension settings excel on the trail. I felt the passion of why we ride coming to life.

Unlike some other sports, riding bikes is unique in the sense that a we all share a bond that is instantly aknowlaged any time two riders cross paths. Wether it be on the trail, in the shop, or even at Vons in the magazine isle while looking at the new issue of Bike. This is different in the way where other sports carry a level of egotism between athletes. When I paddle out to go surfing, I get the stinky eyeball from more than half the people I encounter. A vibe of hostility is strong. Anytime I encounter another rider on the trail, a vibe of freedom and synergy is felt. If bad luck has left myself or another rider with a flat tire; a six dollar innertube is more often than not offered as if it belongs to the passion of the sport rather than the person who bought it. This is at the core of what we do.

So, as we finish up getting the bikes dialed in, I know this vibe is strongly shared between everyone present, but yet goes unspoken. I feel as if I am part of thier ride even though I am just starting a long day of work. Synergy at its best.

Later on in the day; three full tune ups, a foresaken bottom bracket, a bike sale, and six innertube repairs later; our two riders return from a day of adventure. No words were needed to express the success of the ride. The scrapes on the elbows, the dirt speckled teeth shining through ear to ear smiles, and the “helmet head” ridges of hair molded running across thier scalp held testimony to the good times had. We just looked at each other and knew….. This is at the core of what we do.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to the sport of riding. There is a genre of riding for everyone. Scrapes and dirt are not the prerequisits for feeling this passion. It is shared amongst the man powered wheel, not the surface u choose to roll over. So dont be shy to stop by the shop before a ride and let us at Bike Depot be part of your ride. Wether it be trail or route directions, mechanical attention, the latest and greatest technologies found on our bike rentals, or even a cliff bar and pack of Gu to keep u strong during the ride; we would love to be part of your ride. We choose this vocation to share this passion and be a part of bettering the riding experience for people. And dont be bashfull, no one is ill equiped to finding this passion on a bike. Anyone can find a genre of riding to fit any condition or comfort level. Thats what where my cowrkers and I combine decades of knowlage to find your perfect ride. This is all at the core of what we do.




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