The Stumpjumper FSR 2

On Sunday, my day off work, I decided to pick up the Specialized Stumpjumper 29″ and take it for a.spin up Gridley in Ojai. I figure after riding the bike, I can furnish alot more information to any of our customers looking to rent or buy the bike. This was also my first ride on a 29″ wheeled bike. Im going to leave out the boring tech talk about the bike and go straight to the feel of the bike. As rich in technical features as this bike is, all that was forgoten after starting up the trail. I flipped both the fork and the rear shock to the climb setting and stayed on the saddle while the bike did the work. This bike climbed over rocks, stuck to the off cambers, and steered straight through anything I pointed it at. Very impressive. Once I got to the top, I lowered the seat and flipped the suspension settings to decend. I started downhill and this bike just came alive. The larger wheels were much more of an advantage than I ever would have guessed. I couldnt belive how solid this bike is. It carved the corners at top speed, it floated over the rocks without hesitation….. It was a real treat to ride. The Stumpjumper handled the larger rocks near the bottom as if it was a 9 inch suspension bike. I couldnt belive the speed i kept through the roughs. The Staircase (for those who arent familiar with Gridley, this is a 20 yard stretch of offset rocks with a cliff on the outside and steep hill on the other. Easily the most tricky and dangerous part of the trail) flew by under me with a degree of ease. All said and done, ive riden many bikes up and down Gridley. This bike outperformed any other bike without a second thought.
We rent this bike at Ventura Bike Depot enabling anyone to swing by, fill out a rental agreement and head for the hills. We have every size to accomodate any rider. After my ride, I knew I would have to write this blog and advise any and every mountainbiker to try this bike. One of the best bikes Ive ever riden.



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