Welcoming all Gordon Research Attendees – Downhill Bike Tours

tour1We are so proud of the scientists that help change the world for the better that we’re offering the coolest of the cool!

A totally spiffed up bike tour that takes place in the great back-country of Ventura.

Imagine soaring through the beautiful scenery – enjoying the Vistas of the Topa Topa Mountains and getting the breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean –  all in one fabulous Bike Tour.

We pick up our clients at the hotels and we provide the Bikes, the tour guides and we show off the beauty of California in a way you can only find in Ventura County.

We love the tour packages we set up for the Gordon Research Attendees and we know they love us at Ventura Bike Depot!

Join us on this Downhill Bike Tour – we drive everyone up to the top of the ride and we enjoy the ride down.



About Ventura Bike Depot

The Ventura Bike Depot has bicycles of all types for riders of all ages. Come and see us at 239 West Main Street in Ventura, CA or check us out online at https://www.venturabikedepot.com